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The Market at Farmers Hall

Everyone in these parts has a story about Farmers Hall. For more than 80 years, Farmers Community Hall was the destination for special events in the Interlake—weddings, fall suppers and socials most of all. After being lovingly restored and reopened by its new owners, Elaine and Darrell Klym, this landmark venue continues to bring families and friends together to celebrate life’s special moments. They've most recently added a farmers' market, held every Thursday evening from 4 until 9 pm.

There's fresh baking and preserves, hand-crafted soaps and candles and artisan gifts that are perfect for every occasion. Some vendors are inside while others are set up around the sweeping Prairie spaces of the hall. And if you get peckish, fear not. Farmers' Bistro serves up absolutely delicious snacks

including #231 Chicken Run strips with homemade honey dill sauce. Their caramel cinnamon buns and old-time slices are also top notch.

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